Since 2015 I have been co-hosting The Bearded Vegans, a weekly podcast where we dissect all things vegan. Less a place to learn how to go vegan, and more a place to explore what it means to live a vegan life.

We started the podcast with a desire to move beyond standard vegan beginner conversations and create more nuanced discussions for the seasoned vegan. As we have grown since our inception, the podcast has become a place for in depth, honest, unapologetic and often uncomfortable discussions about the ethical grey areas of veganism. Through these conversations we aim to figure out how to create a stronger, more effective, and inclusive animal rights movement. We rarely reach any solid conclusions, but we have a lot of fun and share many laughs along the way. 

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and your favorite podcatcher.

We release a new episode every Wednesday. With nearly 250 episodes to our name, we know it can be intimidating or overwhelming to figure out where to start. We recording checking out our Bearded Vegans Starter Guide.