Hello friends! My name is Andy and in 2011 I was looking for clothing that broadcasted a vegan message in a fun and somewhat snarky way, accompanied by beautiful graphics. I just couldn't find anything that spoke to my specific tastes so I figured I would just do it myself. Collaborating with some amazingly talented artists and screenprinting friends, Compassion Co was born! What started as a passionate hobby has become a full blown lifestyle when in 2015 I ditched my apartment and moved into my trusty van full time. Now I bring Compassion Co to vegfests year round and nationwide.  Since day one, these are my driving principles and motivations:

1. Vegan messagewear should ultimately be productive. Our aim is to create clothing that starts conversations and get the gears turning. I do my best to avoid messaging that is too vague or relies on shaming tactics. Instead I opt for either fun and beautiful representations of veganism, or messages that reinforce the ethical framework of veganism.

2. Veganism is a social justice movement. In solidarity with other movements I strive to apply the vegan ethic throughout the entire chain of production, even if it doesn't specifically affect animals. The end result of rejecting single-issue veganism is that all our clothing is sweat-shop free and USA made, because no human should be exploited for our clothing. We use organic and/or recycled materials, water based inks, and low impact dyes, because they are better for the environment, which supports life for sentient beings. This means that there are many styles and colors of clothing we do not carry as we have been currently unable to find them created in a way that fits our ethical parameters.

3. It is important that veganism represents the entire spectrum of human existence. A movement that does not recognize this is doomed to fail. Vegans come in all shapes and sizes, and to that end I strive to create clothing for as many body types, sizes, and genders, as possible. As a result, we offer many of our styles in sizes XS through 4X (and are on the look out for larger sizes that fit within our ethical framework) and we do not gender our clothing.

If you are interested in hearing more about my views on veganism, activism, and ethical grey areas, I encourage you to check out my weekly podcast, that has been running since 2015, The Bearded Vegans