Come see us live!
We love meeting our fellow vegans and having a fun time at Vegfests. Come on down, say hi, and try on as many sizes as you'd like!


    • May 20th - Vegan Street Fair (New York, NY)
    • May 20th & 21st - Asbury Park Vegan Festival (Asbury Park, NJ)
    • May 21st - New England Vegfest (Worcester, MA)
    • June 3rd - Lancaster Vegfest (Lancaster, PA)
    • June 4th - Michigan Vegfest (Detroit, MI)
    • June 10th - Vegandale (Chicago, IL)
    • June 17th - Vegan Street Fair (Atlanta, GA)
    • July 15th - Bluegrass Vegfest (Louisville, KY)
    • July 22nd - Compassionfest (Hamden, CT)
    • August 5th - Pittsburgh Vegfest (Pittsburgh, PA)
    • Sept 16th - Vegandale (New York, NY)
    • Sept 24th - Broome Animal Sanctuary Vegan Festival (Middleburgh, NY)
    • Oct 1st - St Louis Vegfest (St Louis, MO)
    • Oct 7th - Richmond Vegfest (Richmond, VA)
    • Oct 8th - Asheville Veganfest (Asheville, NC)
    We are constantly adding new events, so check back often.
    Do you have a vegfest in your area that you want us to attend? Hit us up!