Fat Happy Vegan Space Manatee

$24 $32

Fat Happy Vegan Shirt, now in beautiful space manatee form. Veganism is an ethical stance against the exploitation and commodification of animals. It is not a promise of any particular body size. Any body can be a compassionate body.

PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING: The first time we made this phrase on a shirt, we made it in all sizes and found that many straight sized folks just wore the smaller sizes to be funny or to represent their love of "junk food", which was not the purpose of creating the shirt. Our intention for this shirt is for it to cater to and increase the representation of fat vegans, who are so often dismissed and hidden within this movement. To that end, we are only making this shirt in sizes L through 4X. Please think about if this is a shirt that truly represents you before purchasing.

Printed on super soft organic cotton with water based inks. 

Unisex? Fitted? Please check our size chart before ordering.

The size chart is the measurement (in inches) of the shirt itself, not of the person wearing the shirt.

DO YOUR SHIRTS RUN BIG OR SMALL?  Although there is no universal measurement standard for t-shirts (fun fact, when it comes to clothing "true to size"is a meaningless phrase) our unisex shirts run fairly average. Our fitted shirts tend to run on the smaller side. However this is still a subjective opinion in the eye of the beholder, as such we highly recommend checking out the above sizing chart before you order.

NOTES ABOUT TERMINOLOGY: People of all genders enjoy wearing our various clothing styles, so we stopped separating them out into "men's" and "women's" styles in an effort to be more accurate and inclusive. The fitted styles are typically what would be referred to as "women's" styles. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this, please do get in touch via the contact page.

LARGER SIZES?: In every garment we use, we order every sizing option available to us. This produces a range of XS through 2X in the fitted styles and XS through 4X in the standard styles. While this offers a range of 15 different sizes to choose from, we realize that this does not necessarily accommodate every body size and type out there. The ethical standards that we have set for the company (organic or recycled, sweat shop free and USA made) also severely limits us in many ways including color, style and, most unfortunately, sizing options. We recognize that this is not an ideal situation and are constantly on the look out for other garment manufacturers who can create sizes above 3X that don't compromise our commitment to ethical labor practices and eco friendly materials. If you have any leads in this department, please get in touch! 

SHIRT BRAND: The brand we currently print on is Royal Apparel, which has a very similar fit and feel as American Apparel. 

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